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Submitted 5/01/10

The Business Use Of Telephone And Network Integration Systems 

Most businesses make use of separate telephone and computer network systems. Integrating voice and data networks can offer incredible benefits to any company but especially to sales or customer service focused companies.  

Integration of systems refers to the consolidation of all the varied elements that make up a network. Integration systems are custom built for a company and can be simple for smaller networks or very complex serving thousands of users.

How your business can benefit from an integrated system

 Almost any type of company can benefit from computer based communication, as it will dramatically reduce your telephone bill. Customer service departments can specifically benefit from integrated systems and operate more efficiently.

 By integrating your database with your telephone system it is possible to call up customer records even before a call is answered. Imagine what this information will do for your sales department! Sales officers are now able to offer a more personalized service with previous sales reports at hand immediately.

Switchboards can be ran through the computer and calls can be managed more effectively with no need for switchboard operators to use long and complicates dialing sequences. For companies with large call volumes it is possible to automate voicemail, this will make it possible to distribute and attend to urgent message more effectively.

Network integration will ensure that your network equipment is available to all users on the network, ensure a more productive and streamlined operation. Integrated networks maximize the capacity of all office equipment, increase revenues, improve data flow and ensure effective daily operations.

Evolving phone systems at manageable prices

Office telephone systems are one of the most vital tools for conducting business. Email, mobile phones and the internet, in addition to older technologies such as Fax, have changed the way we use phone systems over the years, but they have yet to replace the office phone.

In truth, none of these technologies are truly new technologies as such; rather they represent an evolution of the phone system. Perhaps, whilst they remain prevalent themselves, the place of the humble phone is secure. These new methods of communication have clearly enhanced the way we work, information is more readily available across the globe and isolated locations no longer represent the challenge to communication they once were.

In order to get the most out of these new technological developments it is essential to have a business telephony system that enables you to take advantage of modern communication techniques. Inevitably, some of the emerging technologies will fail to realise their perceived potential and could represent poor investments. Conversely, once established, new technologies are no longer desirable luxuries, but they rapidly become standard business requirements. If customers have easy access to account managers or other key personnel and information with one supplier, they will expect and demand the same of another.

To be competitive in modern business environments, it is essential that your office telephone systems are capable of both delivering reliable and up-to-date features right now and is also capable of evolving to incorporate foreseeable developments and the inevitable increased demands for data.

To ensure that your office telephone systems deliver the required performance in a cost effective way, we at Absolute Networks can work in partnership to advise on all aspects of hardware, network design and service providers to ensure your business has one of its key tools in place for the foreseeable futu

Communicate as your customers expect

Almost all businesses require telephones and unsurprisingly, the bigger the business, the more telephones. As an internal telephone network becomes bigger, it is no longer simply a case of adding more phones.

Larger business telephone networks afford many opportunities to redesign network structure to integrate fast data and voice communication in a way that is easily scalable, future proof and capable of maintaining high quality connections. Smaller office networks will still offer the same opportunities for intelligent design but may also present different opportunities for identifying cost benefits than those associated with larger networks.

Business telephony is so much more than just phones; it is an integrated communication network that can realise not only significant cost savings in terms of call costs but it can make reliable communication with specific individuals or teams far more achievable. Modern telecommunications include features such as video conferencing and mobile email. Such features can both reduce the need for face to face meetings and facilitate more constructive communication across vast distances.

Understanding the vast opportunities afforded by modern business communication hardware and software requires specialist knowledge, not only to get the best network in place, but to identify the best service providers and pricing plans to ensure that the entire package suits your business aims. Telephone systems are no longer what office telephone systems used to be because of the systemic changes in communications and therefore you probably need expert guidance.
We at Absolute Networks are able to work in partnership with businesses to design, purchase and identify service providers for business telephony and network solutions. Together we can sort things out to your convenience.
Access to modern communication methods is not simply a case of technology for the sake of it. Your customers expect to be able to communicate with you in the manner they wish to.


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