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Case Study Resort Management, Caribbean

The company

The hotel is a privately-owned luxury hotel situated in the Caribbean. The management team is based in the UK. When the current managing director took over management of the hotel he required full integration of the systems at the hotel to allow the UK booking staff to access online data.

Resort viewThe solution

He contacted Absolute Network Solutions and asked them to provide solutions to allow the full integration of the hotel systems. We recommended an Internet VPN (Virtual Private Network). Equipment was installed in the UK and at the Hotel in the Caribbean, allowing the UK staff to access locally all the systems at the hotel.

Absolute Network Solutions also provided Voice over IP (VoIP) facilities between the UK and the Carribean, using the same VPN, allowing the UK to fax and call them over the Internet without additional charges.

Resort viewThe equipment recommended and installed by Absolute Network Solutions provides not only very secure VPN tunnels (using 3DES IPSEC) but is also a fully functional firewall providing Internet security. Both the UK and Caribbean sites have anti virus and Content filtering software which is automatically updated from the Internet. Powerful groupware capabilities are now available, allowing staff in the UK and the Caribbean to access email and share calendars and tasks.

As an extension to this work, Absolute Networks have designed and installed the infrastructure to support guest access to the internet using a PIN authorisation system through laptop computers or an internet café. This involved supplying ruggedised external wireless access points and a suitable internet access controller. Additionally, the same wireless access solution is used to provide an extension of the back office LAN to a new restaurant at a remote location where running conventional cable is not feasible.

If you are interested in how this solution could be applied to your business please call Nick Davies on 0870 766 8309.

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