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Client References and Case Studies

Clothing Group

Further details on this solution...

The Computer Manager stated that:

"Absolute Network Solutions have provided us with the platform to extend its applications to all its factories and warehouses. Not only have we benefited from improved infrastructure but they have also reduced our operating costs substantially. We would recommend Absolute Network Solutions to any business that require innovative ideas and cost saving benefits".

Food Manufacturer 1

Further details on this solution...

The Group Network Manager believes that there are significant benefits from the relationship with ANS:

"We believe that it is crucial to have the support of a specialist networking provider, ensuring we have access to the right resources and technical expertise to cope with the rapid changes in technology and the demands being placed upon our communications infrastructure".

The Head of IT, stated:

"Without the involvement of Absolute Network Solutions Ltd the whole [upgrade] project would not have been such a success from conception to delivery. We continue to involve them in every stage of our Infrastructure planning including our overall strategy. I would recommend that any business that is looking for a professional implementation contact Absolute Network Solutions Ltd".

Food Manufacturer 2

The Head of It Services has been working successfully with Absolute Network Solutions for a number of years. ANS provides consultancy services for infrastructure planning and requirement analysis and has implemented firewall and VPN solutions. ANS also provide support services for the LAN and WAN which include help desk and maintenance contract services. Neil comments:

"Absolute Network Solutions maintenance and support services have delivered above and beyond our expectations."

Hotel Management Company

Further details on this solution...

The Managing Director:

Over the past 18 months Absolute Network Solutions has been instrumental in allowing us to take a quantum leap forward in terms of its IT Solutions. A complete overhaul of our operations has taken place that has allowed for considerable cost savings whilst vastly improving customer service. This has involved the implementation of a variety of integrated systems, all of which have involved Absolute Networks. During this time they have delivered completely on each and every job specification, without delay and beyond expectations".

Absolute Network Solutions has now relocated the company to new offices in the UK; this was completed without disruption to the organisation both from a telephony and data perspective.

In addition, Absolute Network Solutions has designed and supplied the necessary infrastructure to support guest internet access and a wireless extension to the back office LAN at the hotel.

Mobile User and VPN Solutions

An international trading company uses a centrally configured Cisco 3005 Concentrator with Cisco 827 ADSL Routers at remote locations and Cisco PIX Firewalls to connect centres in Rotterdam, Singapore and Boston. The facility was installed and configured by Absolute Network Solutions Ltd.

This allows both LAN to LAN configurations and secure 3DES / IPSEC connections for remote users using Cisco's free VPN Client Software.

The base unit allows 100 concurrent connections with internal or external authentication by RADIUS, Windows 2003 Server, Kerberos, Active Directory etc. This application scales well to small, medium and even enterprise size infrastructures.

A manufacturing company was experiencing problems connecting a number of mobile users to their on-site information servers over ADSL.  This was reflected in very slow connections for the users. The ADSL also hosted the VPN to a remote office.

Absolute Network Solutions recommended a move to a 2Mb SDSL line and installed and configured a Cisco 3005 VPN Concentrator  to terminate the incoming connections.  This provides:

  • VPN connections for all users and to remote locations; additional security is available through the use of the Cisco VPN client
  • Bandwidth control (shaping) through the application of policies to groups of users
  • Enables a dedicated connection for the mobile users while retaining the existing ADSL line for conventional web and e-mail traffic, protected by the existing firewall.

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