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When it comes to the needs of the organisation's infrastructure you need a company that you can trust to install fibre optic and data cabling with no fuss and the minimum disruption to your business. With our dedicated installation teams and support staff we are able to install all types of cabling and data cabinets form the smallest installations to complete server room fit-out.

All installations are fully tested.

Structured Cabling / Cat 5 / Cat 6

All our cabling is to the highest standard and meets all appropriate regulations. We can provide everything from a few extra network points to a complete installation across your site. The cabling can provide just data or can be used for telephones as well.

Additionally we provide and install standard 19" and special racks for server rooms.

Fibre Optics

The new communications medium across sites, fibre optics provide a reliable and efficient data transport medium for high data rates and capacity. This type of cabling is less likely to be effected by electrical interference and can be installed over greater distances. Ideal for campus connections and high speed backbones.

Site Communications Backbone

As well as structured cabling and fibre optics, we can also provide microwave or laser links between buildings where cable or fibre is not appropriate or not acceptable (e.g. across areas not under your control). The combination of all these technologies can provide you with a reliable and robust data communications backbone for your organisation.

New & Additional Cable

If it is additional cabling of a complete green field install our engineers have the project skills to assist you, be it 1 point to 1000 points, Each cable is tested and validated in accordance with IEEE regulations to ensure that all cables can be supplied with a guarantee and will run at required or specified speed  typically 100Mbps / 1000Mbps. Our Fibre optic cabling is also tested to ensure it operates with the correct levels.

We offer FREE advice if you are unsure that you have the correct cabling systems why not give one of our friendly engineers a call 0845 094 1989

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