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Special Telephone System Deals for 2011

  • For Start-Up Business ( 2-8) user systems installed from 19.00 per month

Medium Size Business (10-30) User systems installed 49.99 per month.

Modern communications platforms


7030Systems with handsets from only 456


Our systems are  perfect for small businesses that want a communication system to work harder, especially now that you can:


  • Use the Internet to save money on making calls
  • Take the power of office communications to colleagues working at home or remotely

If you are a small business looking for communications for anywhere between 2 and 30 users,


You can start with a couple of lines, confident that as you grow and develop, your communications can grow with you. Once you have chosen our solution  simple ' license modules let you install extra lines and more powerful tools and features later on, without having to take your system off the air.



Improve your communications today and save money we offer a one stop shop for all your communication needs lines , cheap calls , Voice over Internet , geographical , free phone number

Call us today no obligation advice you can depend on us to deliver.



note additional cabling maybe required please ask for details

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