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Panasonic NCP 500/1000

Panasonic NCP Network Communications Platform combines the latest in VoIP communications, with traditional digital and analogue interfaces.  This makes the Panasonic KXNCP Phone System one of the most exciting product releases in the field of business telecommunications in 2008.

The NCP is being initially released in two form factors - the NCP500 for up to 64 extensions and the NCP1000 for up to 104 extensions. These systems provide cost effective unified communications solutions for the small to medium sized business.

The ‘Server-less' solution architecture of the new system is designed to allow small and medium sized business customers to take advantage of unified communication solutions, without the need for external servers thereby reducing the overall solution costs, simplifying installation and enhancing business productivity.

The added advantage of the Panasonic KXNCP Phone System, is the fact that it will not only work with the Panasonic IP Phone Range, but will also work with other SIP Phones, making it easy for users of other VoIP phone systems to upgrade to the Panasonic NCP system, whilst retaining their existing SIP Phones.  This gives users of Hosted Telephony who have purchased their IP Phones the option of bringing their communications in house, and adding the flexibility of ISDN and analogue telephone lines, and Digital and Analogue extension telephones.



Panasonic KX-TDA Hybrid Systems

Business in the modern world needs to be competitive. To help be competitive, it needs a telephone system that provides a full range of capabilities; increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The Panasonic KX-TDA hybrid systems are the latest in hybrid systems, working with your existing infrastructure where necessary but capable of being expanded and integrated to meet your most demanding requirements.

The "hybrid" is actually the ability to use these systems in a traditional dedicated-cabling infrastructure, or an IP-based infrastructure. This means that you can use the same local- and wide-area networks that you use for data to carry voice traffic. The Panasonic PBX Gateway and EXTender extend the reach of your system to remote branches and homeworkers using existing data links.

The KXTDA15 cost effectively bridges the gap between the telecom requirements today, and the demand for future integrated solutions.

Applications include

  • Voicemail
  • Call Management Software
  • Cordless Telephony (DECT)
  • Integrated Headsets
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
  • Remote Branches and Home Worker Solution

The KX-TDA range of telephone systems comes in five versions, suiting every size of business from less than 20 extensions to over 600. All systems are available as wall-mount or rack-mount systems (to install into your existing infrastructure). A full range of digital telephones to complement the features of the switch are also available.

Through our leasing partner, we can prvide lease finance for qualifying Panasonic telephone installations. Please see our leasing page for more information.

KX-TDA 15 and 30

The KX-TDA 15 and 30 are the entry-level products, suiting the needs of home offices, small organisations and branch or regional offices; the 15 offers up to 8 incoming (CO) lines and 20 extensions, the 30 offers up to 12 CO lines and 52 extensions.

KX-TDA 100 and 200

The KX-TDA 100 and 200 products are suited to the needs of the medium-sized business , with up to 60 CO lines / 64 extensions (for the 100) or up to 120 CO lines / 128 extensions (for the 200).

KX-TDA 600

The KX-TDA is the recently-released version of the system for larger businesses, with up to 960 CO lines and extensions.

System Capabilities (Max)

    KX-TDA 15 KX-TDA 20 KX-TDA 100 KX-TDA 200 KX-TDA 600
Extensions Maximum 20 52 128 256 960
  Single Line Telephone 12 24 64 128 640
  Proprietary Telephone 16 48 128 256 640
  IP Handsets 0 0 64 128 640
Trunks Ports 8 12 64ch 128ch 640
  Analogue Lines 2 12 64 128 640
  E & M n/a n/a 32 64  
  E1 n/a n/a 2 (60ch) 4 (120 ch) 600ch
  BRI (ISDN2) 4 (8ch) 6 (12ch) 32 (64ch) 64 (128ch) 600ch
  BRI (ISDN 30) n/a n/a 2 (60ch) 4 (120ch) 600ch
  IP-GW card / ch 1 (4ch) 1 (4ch) 2 (8ch / 16ch) 4 (16ch / 64ch)  
DECT Cell Stations 2 8 16 32 128
  Handsets 28 28 128 128 512


Any of the above systems can be integrated with the KXTVM voice mail processing systems.

System Recording time Mailboxes
KXTVM50 8 hours 64
KXTVM200 128 hours 1,024

The Panasonic KXTDM range of voice mail appliances offers:

E-Mail Integration
Receive voice mail messages on your phone system with notification of caller, time and date of call, length of message and how many old and new messages are in your mailbox. E-mail messages can be automatically deleted from the voicemail, or a copy retained on the voice processing system. Your telephone message can also be attached as a WAV file, to the e-mail message, and the sending of e-mails can be schedules to suit your working day.

LCD Prompts
Control voice mail using a simple LCD menu (only available with KX-T7636/7633) without listening to the voicemail for options. Messages can be selected, played and deleted using the visual prompts and the caller's information displayed on screen.

Custom Menus for Each Extension
With the KXTVM, individual extensions can set up their own custom menu options for callers to follow. Callers can leave a message or have their call forwarded to another extension or even an outside line, for example another office or even a cellular telephone. Each extension user can set up the options they want to offer their callers.

External Message Delivery
Extension owners can have their messages recorded into voicemail and then have the KXTVM system call their cellular telephone to have the messages delivered wherever they are.

Enhanced Integration with the Panasonic KX-TDA Digital Hybrid Telephone System Range
When integrating the KX-TVM200E Voice Processing System to the range of KX-TDA digital hybrid telephone systems there are a number of enhanced facilities available. These combined with the standard system features help improve call and message handling:

  • Two-Way Record in
  • Live Call Screening
  • Caller ID Intelligence
  • Remote Access

As well as integrating with the Panasonic digital range of business telephone systems, the Voice Processing Systems may be connected to a wide range of other telephone systems.

The Panasonic Voice Processing Systems can improve the efficiency of your business, whether it be sales, customer service, marketing, or human resources.


A range of handsets is available for the KX-TDA range. These include simple analogue, proprietary digital, to integrate with the system capabilities, and DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology).


A range of analogue telephones offering handsfree facilities and with or without a display.


Display: no
Prog keys: 12
Hands-free: yes
Headset: no
Voice call: no

Display: 1 x 16
Prog keys: 12
Hands-free: yes
Headset: yes
Voice call: no

Display: 3 x 16
Prog keys: 12
Hands-free: yes
Headset: yes
Voice call: yes

Display: no
Prog keys: 12
Hands-free: mon
Headset: no
Voice call: yes

Add-on 32-key DSS Console with 16 programmable keys

Digital Proprietary

A range of proprietary telephones to operate with the KX-TDA telephone system. The digital capabilities of these telephones enable them to integrate with the capabilities of the system.

KXT7710 KXT7630 KXT7633 KXT7636 KXT7665

Display: no
Prog keys: 5
Hands-free: no
Headset: no

Display: 3 line
Line keys: 24
Hands-free: yes
Headset: yes
Add-on option

Display: 3 line
Line keys: 24
Hands-free: yes
Headset: yes
USB option

Display: 6 line
Line keys: 24
Hands-free: yes
Headset: yes
USB option

Display: 1 line
Line keys: 8
Hands-free: yes
Headset: no

KXNT136 KXT7640 KXT7603    

IP handset
Display: 6 line
Line keys: 24
Hands-free: yes
Headset: no

60-key DSS
console for IP
handset and all

12-key add-on
module for
KXT7636 and


DECT (Cordless) Phones

Cordless handsets for the KX-TDA range of telephone systems.

Flexibility and mobility in a busy office environment is essential. Now cordless telephones can be integrated to your telephone system allowing telephone users all the benefits of conventional telephones as they move around the premises, inside or outside.

Their sleek, silver lightweight design combines an array of feature, including navigation key, blue backlight, speakerphone and a choice of ten melodies making communication that much quicker and easier.

KXTCA155 KXTCA255      

Handsfree: yes
10 hrs talk time
120 hrs standby
Caller ID
1000 system speed dials
200 personal speed dials

Handsfree: yes
16 hrs talk time
300 hrs standby
Caller ID
1000 system speed dials
200 personal speed dials


IP Handsets



KX-NT366 IP phone with 6 line LCD Display and 4 x 12 self labelling line keys.

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