Wireless Network Survey

We are aware that one of the main complaints guests and employees have about their office Wifi is they experience a slow connection, or are unable to connect in some locations. Whilst these are valid concerns they can be hard to quantify and build a plan to fix them. With a Wifi survey of your site, ANS can provide detailed reports about the current Wifi environment on your site, including upload and download speeds in specific areas, Wifi availability for devices across site, and the amount of noise being generated by industrial machines or other nearby Wifi networks which may be interfering with your own.

Using these results, ANS can use advanced planning tools to simulate a new or adjusted Wifi network on the same site and show what improvements you can gain from altering your current setup and introducing new access points to increase coverage, to a complete redesign of the network with newer technologies. ANS planning tools can even account for redesign of a site, showing you how the addition of structures or equipment will affect your Wireless networks, and providing solutions where needed.

Wifi Availability

Wireless Survey Report Showing Network Dropout Zones

A key concern for any site is Wifi Availability, you can have fantastic download speeds and advanced authentication methods, but if your devices can’t find the network to connect to it the other features won’t matter. With our AirMagent Survey Tool we can determine where there are ‘dead zones’ for Wifi signal coverage on your site and how extensive they are. For small gaps in coverage, it may be a simple fix of turning the transmission power up on your existing Access Points, for larger gaps we may suggest the installation of a new Access Point, which ANS can source and install for you if needed.

Wifi Upload/Download Speeds

Once Wifi Availability has been confirmed across your site, our Wifi Survey tool can provide detailed information about the expected upload and download speeds for users on your network. We can run more detailed analysis using our iPerf tools alongside.

Wifi Interference

Wifi survey showing cochannel interference on network

Users may have a good connection to your Wifi Network and be standing directly below an access point, but still be experiencing a slow connection. Wireless Interference could be to blame. This can be generated from a number of sources, including everyday objects such as microwaves, to industrial or scientific equipment, and other wireless networks from nearby offices and sites. A Wireless network that has been incorrectly setup can also generate its own co-channel interference between access points. With our Wifi Survey and Planning tools ANS can assess the current setup on your site and determine what signal bands are being affected and help determine the source of the interference. We can also plan out the channels your Access Points are using to minimise co-channel interference, improving user experience.