Network Infrastructure is the invisible backbone of your operations and ANS are able to install, upgrade and provide maintenance and support for all aspects of your networking infrastructure. ANS engineers have a wealth of experience planning, installing and managing secure network switching to support both your wired and wireless services. ANS also offer 24/7/365 remote monitoring services for your networking, and along with our Managed IT Services you can be safe in the knowledge one of our trained team is available to advise or assist with any queries.

Wireless Access

Almost all businesses need secure and reliable WiFi networks across their sites for both employees and customers. ANS can design wireless networks for your business that are suitable for your requirements, including secure wireless access for you team members and separate public WiFi for guests. ANS install and manage Wireless Access Points across your sites to ensure reliable connections for all users. ANS also provide WiFi mapping services of existing networks to provide you with a clear picture of why you may be experiencing WiFi dropouts and unreliable connections.

Disaster Recovery

ANS pride ourselves on the quality of equipment provided to our customers, but things do go wrong sometimes. With supplied DR services should the worst happen to your network, ANS are able to get you back up and running with a minimum of disruption. In the majority of cases this can be done remotely so your Computer Networking systems can be restored quickly.